Not A Film Review Website

You aren’t going to find any movie reviews here.

We won’t be handing out likes, thumbs up, emojis, hearts, stars or splatty tomatoes. If you’re looking for a quick recommendation, then now is the time to start looking elsewhere.

Instead, is a digital space where we will be diving into mainstream cinema and exploring the way that movies can impact and inform popular culture. We’re going to achieve this by publishing twenty short essays over the course of the next year, with each essay attempting to address a different film from a different perspective and with a particular focus on cinema’s relationship with social issues.

But these aren’t going to be the dry academic essays that you remember from school. The goal here is to create an interesting, engaged dialogue between the reader and the writer, more like a casual conversation between friends than an extended lecture from your teacher.

Any false, misleading, defamatory or inflammatory comments may be deleted and we reserve the right to remove any comments for any reason. No-one has the right to replicate, copy or re-post anything published on this site without the express consent of the author.